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The Wastewater Utility for the City of Petersburg can be broken into two categories, 1) Wastewater Collection System and (2) Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The collection system consists of 24 miles of sewer lines under the city’s surface along with 399 manholes.  These sewer mains range from 6 inch diameter to 24 inch diameter.  Our collection system consists of 8 lift stations across the city, each with 2 pumps that help move the wastewater towards the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  


The Wastewater Treatment Plant is an anaerobic plant that utilizes a biological process with its trickling filters, to help clean the wastewater.  The wastewater enters the plant and passes through several different types of settling tanks, before it passes through the ultraviolet light disinfecting system, and finally leaves the plant.  Lab tests on the wastewater are performed daily where the results produced, must meet state requirements.

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Todd Jenkins - Watewater Plant Operator

Matt Robinette - Assistant Plant Operator/GIS Coordinator